The Opening Channels Program

Building the ROOTS to sustain your beautiful body for a lifetime!
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    The Opening Channels Program

    The Opening Channels Program is designed to be the beginning foundation for support of any health condition in a compromised world.

    It is designed to provide support for optimal body function.

    With any condition, or health and weight goals, it is a new beginning and people are thinking about renewing their health commitments. This program may assist with mild cleansing and begin to prepare the body for further cleansing for the progression of any health goal. The combination of seven products in the Opening Channels Program provides the body with the nutrition and support which can open the pathways of elimination and assist the flow system of the body to function optimally. It is never too late to look at the basics and lay the foundation for reclaiming your health. This is a well designed program and I have seen the difference in my clients and for myself. These are the basic seven products that we will begin with.

    – HYRATE! Homeopathic for dehydration

    – MINERALIZE! Full-spectrum ionic trace minerals

    – DIGEST! Digestive enzymes

    – ABSORB! Helpful pro-biotics for the gut

    – REPAIR/ REBUILD/RESTORE! Easily assimilated protein

    DRAIN! Herbal formula historically used for mild cleansing & repair

    ELIMINATE! Herbal formula historically used to assist with elimination


    Gentle Cleansing Detoxification Program

    Preparation in addressing deep-cellular underlying causal detoxification


    Seasonal cleanse pack 1-3 months, 6 months, annually etc.

    Weight-loss program

    Clearly the greatest challenge I come up against today is knowing when and how to deeply detoxify clients when their goal is to resolve chronic issues and being able to eventually move a client to a maintenance program. As the plethora of toxic burden impacts our lives and health at every level, it is becoming increasingly overwhelming in the world we live in to know how and when to do deep cellular detoxification. The wise physician ‘opens the channels’ or the emunctories prior to deep detoxification to ensure the body is assimilating nutrients, draining, is hydrated, mineralized, and has the energy to effectively perform deep detoxification. Failure to do so is like throwing a bucket of water against a closed door; it’s pointless and damaging. It is essential to open the door and keep it opened. Practitioners have found when this is done, the herxheimer reaction and/or detox reactions aren’t necessary if the body is adequately prepared and supported with neuroendocrine, digestive, and filtration and drainage systems.

    This initial Opening Channels Program gently, yet thoroughly, opens, supports and drains these systems including the lymphatic system, the liver-biliary tree, the kidneys, the colon, supports the digestive system and supports the drainage pathways. During this process, the program replenishes lost minerals, re-seeds beneficial intestinal flora, assists the body to break down and absorb nutrients from the diet, hydrates cells and tissues, and increases amino acids and essential fatty acids so the body may function optimally as it is designed to do.

    Implementing the Opening Channels Program as the first treatment step to any protocol supports and fortifies the client’s healing pathways which may easily become compromised and/or if a detoxification protocol was initiated prematurely and detox reaction may have occurred.

    I also have an OCP program for children and client’s with GI disorders. We will energetically test to see which program best fits you.

    Opening Channels Program considerations for CHILDREN

    Opening Channels Program considerations FOR LEAKY GUT/IBD/Digestive and GI disorders

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