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    *6-8 week supply depending on usage.

    BioIdentical Melatonin

    Your occasional sleepless nights aren’t just annoying. They can have other negative consequences.

    If you have had a lengthy period of poor sleep you know how it can rob you of your youth and decrease in performance at work. Unfortunately, many turn to harmful stimulants like caffeine, energy drinks, or those one shot stimulants. The potential negative health effects of chronic use of caffeine are well documented. It becomes a vicious cycle: these stimulants you “need” to wake you up after a poor nights sleep can cause occasional sleeplessness at night.

    With all these potential effects of your occasional sleeplessness, I know you’re wondering: Is there a trusted way you can deal with your occasional sleep issues?

    Answer is YES!

    The Solution is BioIdentical Melatonin


    Deep Sleep

    Sleep Deep And Be Energized, often I pair this with BioIdentical Melatonin

    Too little sleep is known as insomnia or hypersomnia. Insomnia has three patterns, difficulty falling asleep, waking up constantly through the period of attempted sleep, and early awakening. Chronic insomnia results in constant feeling of sleepiness and a dragged out feeling during the day. Eventually, this may undermine one’s health through the weakening of the immune system, decrease mental function, and disruptions of the endocrine system. Try Deep Sleep today to have restful sleep tonight!