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As my client I will help you be successful with opening up the communication lines with your bioenergetic body. Together, using various assessments, a plan will be created to support your journey to health. You can expect to experience an increased sense of energy, vitality, and well being.

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Avazzia BioFeedback Electro Stimulation Technology Avazzia BioFeedback Electro Stimulation Technology
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Avazzia BioFeedback Electro Stimulation Technology. . .is FDA cleared as a state-of-the-art micro-current, neuromodulation stimulator biofeedback device for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain. This device is powered by software and high-performance microchip processor, incased in easy-to-use, hand-held device.What are The Benefits of Electro Stimulation Biofeedback Therapy?SafeGentleD...

Emotional Center Point Release empowered, empowered health, emotional wellbeing, emotional well being, emotional well-being, Deepak Chopra, Emotional Center Point Release
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What is Emotional Center Point Release?Emotional Center Point Release is a “reweaving process", the purpose of this is to clear those emotional imbalances. We use Fractal Light Medicine, combined with the basic principles of German New Medicine (the premier psycho-biological health paradigm of the 21st century) and eCPR to help one shift from being an observer in their life (running on autopilot) to being able to choose their responses to that which is going on around them. As a result,...

EmOtox Body Balance (EBB)
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EmOtox Body Balance (EBB)“Going through the EmOtox process has been life changing. I feel like I have discovered what alignment truly feels like and I am living again!” -Jen S. (Sarasota, FL)Accurate Personalized TherapiesUsing data from your SpectraVision scan, your Bionetic Practitioner will assess blockages to the free flow of energy in your body that are associated with a variety of different substances – from dairy and grains; to dust, pollen, molds and many more.Then, he or she will...

EmOtox Body Balance (EBB) Follow Up Visit (Series 1-10) EmOtox Body Balance (EBB) Follow Up Visit (Series 1-10)
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EmOtox Body Balance (EBB) Follow Up Visit (Series 1-10)Live Sensitivity Free in 10 Visits or Less$79.95 - per follow up visits of Series 1-10

M.E.A.D. - Meridian Energy Analysis Device meridian energy analysis device, meridian energy analysis, meridian energy analysis service
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M.E.A.D. - Meridian Energy Analysis DeviceM.E.A.D. is a non-invasive easy way to give fast and precise examination of the human body. This device combines traditional eastern and modern western ways of client assessment. Obtain analysis information of the entire body within 3 minutes.Provides analysis on body energy, mental and emotional states, autonomic nerve, balance, metabolism, yin-yang, qi-blood, and the organs of the body.Includes therapy advice, dietary regimen based on...

MBB - Microbiome Body Balancing MBB - Microbiome Body Balancing
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MBB - Microbiome Body BalancingAll disease begins in the gut- Hippocrates."This is a three session protocol designed to minimize the expression and increase the resolution of symptoms related to digestive imbalances, skin irritations, asthma, and/or other issues with presenting symptoms. Often toxicity from the body can get caught in the bowels and it hinders elimination of the bowel leading to greater toxicity.As researchers learn more about the microbes that keep us healthy, we are coming to...

Roots To Nutrition Health Consult
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New Client Health ConsultFirst step - help you become aware that “you are not broken” and “you have everything you need to assist your body to self-heal”; you will take back your power on your health journey.As a new client, we will set up our agreements/goals to improving your health and commitment to a sustainable journey. It is a process.Go over your health consult form, food journals, NAQ (nutritional assessment questionnaire) and any other test that you would like to discuss.We will use...

Returning Client Health Consult Returning Client Health Consult
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Returning Client Health ConsultThese visits can include any of the services provided by Roots to Nutrition.Follow-ups from any of the programs to see if you’ve reached your goal.Building the ROOTS to sustain your beautiful body for a lifetime!

Stem Cell Therapy Stem Cell Therapy
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Stem Cell TherapyStem Cell Therapy targets the loss of cellular communication and activates reserve cells to repair and to regenerate through enhanced cell signaling. Celicore is based on natural sources of specifically extracted plant stem cells which include regulating proteins (glyco-peptides and/or tri-peptides) in micro-cellular activated concentrations. This product line targets the loss of cellular communication and activates reserve cells (undifferentiated cells) to repair and...

The Opening Channels Program detoxification, detoxify, detox reactions, herxheimer, herxheimer reaction, jarisch herxheimer reaction
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The Opening Channels ProgramThe Opening Channels Program is designed to be the beginning foundation for support of any health condition in a compromised world.It is designed to provide support for optimal body function.With any condition, or health and weight goals, it is a new beginning and people are thinking about renewing their health commitments. This program may assist with mild cleansing and begin to prepare the body for further cleansing for the progression of any health goal. The...

Time To Think Time To Think
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Time To Think Thinking sessions can bring about rapid and dependable personal development. This is a process that allows you a space where you can think for yourself. I think that our first duty to each other as human beings is to permit that time and environment to be heard. A Thinking environment provides this stimulating, this kind, this alive, and authentic time, where no human mind is wasted, and no human heart is trampled. It’s a pleasure to give a respectful, unhurried environment for...