Building the ROOTS to sustain your beautiful body for a lifetime!
Company: Roots To Nutrition
Title: NTP, CGP, HHP, BioEnergetic Practitioner
My name is Diane McAllister and I am glad you found me...I want you to know that I am excited about every client who comes through my door or finds me here. My practice is built on the belief that everyone is an individual, and by that I mean you are “one of a kind”, that needs to be given an individual program that is not a cookie cutter program but unique to your specific needs. While remembering that those needs will change as you commit and make the changes. Oh an most importantly, what I have come to notice, with my clients is that “it’s the small but meaningful changes” that makes the biggest impact in regaining wellness! You can expect education on the design of the body and how the body sustains health from the inside out along with many handouts. Many recipes and specific recipes for your condition. Various programs depending on the needs of your body. We will eavesdrop in on the body, by asking what it needs to return to a state of well being. Direction...when confusion sets in I will be a sounding board and guide to get you past the blockages that may come up on your journey back to health. Demonstration...if you need help with creating various healing foods, great ...we will go into the kitchen and play, eat and smell nutritious foods. There is no magic... it is all about YOU and making the “small but meaningful changes” , listening to the signs your body is giving you, getting connected with your inner wisdom, that innate intelligence, that will help guide you to a renewed state of health.